Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Drivers and Car Insurance

If you are a new driver going into the driving force and really are not confident with your driving capabilities then I would highly suggest you get some more money put down on the repairs on your side. Especially if you are having financial trouble and would not be able to pay for the repairs and would limit you from driving altogether. I would also recommend taking the back routes that might not be as fast as the main road but you are way less likely to get in a car accident in a neighborhood then you are a highway. If you got in a wreck and your car insurance repair rate was not high enough it could greatly impact your financial budget and even your work because you would not have your own way of transportation. You can't just drive around and hope for the best but when the worst happens you musts be prepared and have the financial stability to deal with it as a new driver.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Car Insurance and Homeowners Insurance

Do you have a homeowners insurance? Well if you do I would strongly suggest that you get your little behind over to them and tell them you want your car insurance from them also. If you sign up under the same company for both car insurance and homeowners insurance you have a good chance that the company offers discounts towards people that have multiple payments to that company. Most of the time not all of the time they will give you a discount on both your car insurance and your homeowners insurance because of the fact that you signed up with the same company for both. An example for a company that does that is Allstate and what they do is if you are signed up with them on home insurance you will save like ten percent each month and for what just changing policies sounds like a good deal. All in all the bottom line is if you got a house just get the homeowners from the same place you get your car insurance to get better deals and what not.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Car Insurance on an Old Car

Are you stuck with an old clunker that barely even rides and just straight don't care what the car looks. I would just not get very good damage payments on your car insurance on your side considering that the overall yearly payment to have protection on the the car more than likely will cost more than just paying for the repair and that saving your money on deductible will be a lot better for saving your money. There are also downsides to this car insurance plan because if you are stuck in a situation where you are living paycheck to paycheck you might just want to pay for the insurance. Think about it if you can't afford to buy another car if you total the other one then you might as well stick with what you got because without transportation you could possibly loose your job and that would be worse than just paying for the bill to begin with. So think about what you want to do with your old clunker and weather or not to get a low or high deductible for your car insurance. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Car Insurance in Longwood, Florida

There are really four major companies that cover this area of Florida. The main companies are basically; Geico, AARP, Esurance, Progressive. I will take a second to compare and contrast between these companies. First off Geico, Progressive, and Esurance all have the 24 hour customer service if you have trouble getting to the phone around business hours it won't be a problem with these companies. Also both Progressive and Esurance both have the option to compare with other top companies seems fair but are the results biased I am unsure but worth looking into. Every single company here brags about the fast and easy quotes which is good for comparing with a more real results that a company will tell you. They will also brag about how much money you will save from switching which is more than likely an attempt to draw you in but not be true at all. One last thing if your over 50 I would recommend choosing AARP because they provide excellent service for an older citizen.