Saturday, January 14, 2012

Car Insurance and Homeowners Insurance

Do you have a homeowners insurance? Well if you do I would strongly suggest that you get your little behind over to them and tell them you want your car insurance from them also. If you sign up under the same company for both car insurance and homeowners insurance you have a good chance that the company offers discounts towards people that have multiple payments to that company. Most of the time not all of the time they will give you a discount on both your car insurance and your homeowners insurance because of the fact that you signed up with the same company for both. An example for a company that does that is Allstate and what they do is if you are signed up with them on home insurance you will save like ten percent each month and for what just changing policies sounds like a good deal. All in all the bottom line is if you got a house just get the homeowners from the same place you get your car insurance to get better deals and what not.

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